Benefits of using paperking mobile app

Customer Records

No need to maintain records of the customer on paper

Paperking app helps you to save everything on your app and which avoids any data loss. In your absence, you can easily give the access to your business to anyone.

Auto Calculations

Calculates 1000s of bills in seconds

Our app calculates bills in seconds and saves your weeks and days in calculations. You can get all your bill generated on 1st of every month on click of a button.

Stop Manual Calculations

No need to go for manual collections and bill distributions

All bills are sent via SMS to your customers which will avoid manual distribution of the bills

Online Collection

Get all your collections in your bank account

Get all your bill collections in your bank account directly. This helps you to avoid handling cash and inflow of cash could be measured at one app.

Scheme Management

Collect coupons online and get notified about the scheme expiry via message

Our app reminds you to do scheme(coupon) collection and Customer also get a reminder SMS for renewing the coupon, this helps you to avoid dropping papers for the clients who haven't renewed their coupon

Customer Management

Mobile app for the end customers

The end customers also get a facility in an app which enables them to view and manage bills and payments. The end customers can choose for their desired newspaper via an app and check out for the vendors for completing their delivery service.

Never miss on anything

Avoid memorising everything

Avoid remembering everything let the app do it for you, the app automatically reminds you when to start and hold delivery of the papers in case of customer being unavailable

Take rest and leave everything on the app

Spend evening with your family

With our application, you can spend time with your family and enjoy peace. We do online collection for you and make sure your customers also understand your work value