See how paperking app works and generate bills on behalf of you

The idea?

We want to help newspaper vendors to move away from maintaining record in books and old collection system.

Paper King app is developed to solve newspaper vendors manual bill generation issue,maintaining customers contact record and the delivery of their desired newspapers.We want your customers to take payments online so that you don't have to go manually to each customers house and collect payments.

How does it work?

Step 1: Add all your customers in the Paperking app.

Step 2: Allocate papers and magazines for each customer's as per the request generated by them.

Step 3: On the 1st day of every month, the application does the survey of the current prices in the market, and calculates the amount of the bill need to be generated for a particular customer keeping a note of their unavilability and adds your delivery charges and generates a bill within 10 seconds of time frame.

Step 4: The bills will be recieved by the customer via message and via mail.This will avoid manual bill distribution and payment collection for you.

Step 5:The customer will recieve a message with displaying their due bill amount and a link to make the payment.

Step 6: In case at some time if you have to collect the payment online the app provides you this facility too,where you need to just collect the cash from the customer and enter the amount in your backend on the other hand the customer immidiately recievs a reciept of payment made via SMS